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Wilco is amazing. They aren't very big, and thats what I like about them. It's really mello and just soothing. My favorite albums of theirs are 'summeteeth' and 'yankee hotel foxtrot'. There both excellent. I strongly recommend them to you coldplay lovers!

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up there with coldplay? they're worlds ahead of coldplay. :D at least their lyrics are.


Thank you!


You can like the music (I would never understand why but-) but the lyrics absolutely suck. Well they dont SUCK but in a worse way they just dont count as lyrics, just pure catchphrases and sentences that have been said a million times before, and then they try and place a tiny insignificant spin on them...


"Nobody said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be this hard..."


"We live in a beautiful world..."


"I never meant to cause you trouble, I never meant to do you wrong"


I could go on for ages, they are so boring.


Aaand... Uh, Wilco are cool... (Sorry for going off topic)

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yeah! one of these days i'll get around to watching it ! haha..it looks good, got lots of extra goodies, concert footage, outtakes etc..I'm gonna stop staring at the sexy packaging & watch it SOON!! I'll let ya know what it's like ;)

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