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yeah anyway i bought summerteeth and i really like it especially "when you wake up feeling old" cant wait to buy some more of their cds


tsk tsk..shoulda bought YHF!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr

*storms off*

:lol: j/k


Well i finally watched I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, and immediate thought was why the hell did i wait so long to see this! It's awesome!! One of the best music docs i've seen, up there with the best. it made me love Wilco & their music more. It also made me cry as well, i'm not ashamed t o say :smug: :) It's got some beautiful moments and the cinematography is fantastic, theirs some timeless shots of the band w/ the chicago skyline in the back. Buy it, see it! you won't forget it :cool:

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hahahaha u should get summerteeth!!!!


wow the dvd sounds amazing..sadly the only music dvd ive seen is my dads eagles dvd which was ok BUT i am trying to break your heart sounds so great..aww u cried..reminds me of the fact that i cried after the cp concert :) it was so good.the chicago skyline sounds beautiful..how much is the dvd anyway..?? i wanna buy it now :D

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uuhhh dunno the price! I got it free! Amazon gift voucher! wooooooo!!

But uh yeah, i think it's priced around 25 to 30 $ online most places, but go to a circuit city or walmart or something though if you can find it there cheaper :)

aww its amazing- and that was just the 1st disc

i havent watched the 2nd yet- the 1 with alternative takes of YHF & live stuff etc..

i'll come back w/ a full report of that for ya too :cool: ;)

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OOHHHH 2ND DVD! DUDE!! AWESOME! It's got lots of performances of songs, both in the studio and onstage, plus some Jeff Tweedy solo material...and there's this weird hispanic comdedian dude who purposely does a bad tweedy impersonation :stunned: :lol: It's a riot! VERY GOOD! Endlessly watchable :)

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It's finally here! Those of us who didn't download it months ago can finally bask in its glory.


I'm on the second song of my first listen to it, so there's no point in saying anything yet (especially because Wilco make music you have to listen to many times to appreciate), but I'm liking what I hear so far. :cool:

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i'm sorry if there is another thread but i couldn't find one.

does anyone else like them? they're pretty chill, me likey.


my spanish teacher is somewhat cultured for an american school teacher, and he asked if i've heard of wilco, and i said yes (but i've only heard a few songs), so i went home and downloaded the newest album and it totally rocks.


so yeah, there's got to be a few other faces in the crowd that enjoys this good music...

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