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there isnt enough Coldplay!!!!!!!!!!


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yes i met them at glastonbury festival cos i got backstage and i got on really well with them i didnt let on that i was a really big fan though and he said that he would send me some tickets for the manchester gig so he did and they put in a backstage pass aswell





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coldplay on abc


that sucks i wanna see coldplay on tv again....that would be cool if i could get those channels.......


Ginger do you get the abc channel? Coldplay performed in Los Angeles after the superbowl game for 1/2 hour. I saw them on tv inagurating some show and I saw them perform clocks and a liittle bit of Yellow, then they were cut off do to the show the Practice :-x all that crossed my mind at that moment was who the hell wants to see the practice when coldplay is performing :x I learned they'd do this show today for FREE! I still couldn't make it :cry: but I hope you saw them :)

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Now that the dust has been removed, I wish there was a TV channel dedicated to coldplay, sending news, interviews , concert and music videos etc

OMG, what a great idea ! Although I guess then many of us may neglect their real lifes and stay glued to the TV :D

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Im sorry but ive been watchin Q and MTV2 all day and between them they have played one Coldplay video(Yellow) if i controlled it i would have a Coldplay channel!!!!!!!!


Im satyin in all day tomorrow (got a throat infection) but MTV are showing the manchester gig that i went to hpoefully im on it cos i got sent a backstage pass and i walked past the camera with Cris so i might be famous tomorrow!!!!! so look out.

Coldplay channel sounds like an amazing idea.

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