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Your opinion about Talk.


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Ok Steph, Green Eyes n Bonnie enough already! Im prepared to concede that square one is probably not single material. Youre arguments are very convincing

I dont however agree with the riff on Talk as being "born to be played on guitar It sounds way better".

I just dont know why theyve completely nicked someone elses riff - Note for note? I just dont get it?

Its not Coldplay its Kraftwerk!

Its the equivalent of me writing a song and then deciding that i wanted the chorus of 'Yellow' to be the chorus in my song? As Coldplay fans youd be up in arms! So im just saying that the same goes for Kraftwerk fans. I cant listen to it without feeling that Chris is karaoke-ing over it. Sorry fellas but its just the way i feel :confused:

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Ok Boatboy66uk, i accept you're opinion, but i have to say i dont agree. It's totally different to you "writing a song and then deciding that i wanted the chorus of 'Yellow' to be the chorus in my song" - it's simply taking an element of Computer Love, not a whole chorus or anything. I think they've used the riff very well, it's so much more powerful on guitar, and sounds different enough that it doesnt sound like a rip-off.

Im so glad Kraftwerk were happy for Coldplay to use it.

Well i guess we'll have to agree to disagree! :) xx

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The 4th single should be


In keeping with the pattern of x and y (opposites), the 1st single was SoS (a relatively mid tempo Coldplay rocker), followed up by Fix You (a more mellow organ based song that eventually kicks into high gear)


Talk being the 3rd single (which is again a rocker and more uptempo song)


For the 4th single it will be a more mellow, slower (I guess more Coldplay sentimental than rocker) so, with that said: potentials are What If, Swallowed in the Sea, A Message.


Personally, I would love to see Swallowed in the Sea, (it is an amazing song with melody, phrasing, and harmony of the song, and it's radio friendly at a 4min time limit). But What If might be one as well, along with A Message. It would be interesting to see what they go with, do they a want either guitar, piano, or I guess organ synth on Swallowed based song to be released. I think if they want to show a different aspect of Coldplay go with Swallowed in the Sea.


If I remember correctly, Chris said 4 songs on the album were songs that made him go wow, that's something we've never done before, the 4 were: Talk, Fix You, Square One, and Swallowed in the Sea. I think 5th might be Square One or White Shadows. That's my two cents

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i doubt there would be a fifth. it's always been four.


and boatboy i see where you're coming from with the release of talk. i getcha, but from a singles point of view, talk is catchy, will sell, and get more people into x&y, as opposed to something like square one.

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Low is not very coldplay-ish... the first time I heard it, I didn't like it, 'cause I was expecting clocks kind of song... then I liked it very much, and now is one of my favorites... but still think that people won't recognise coldplay listening to Low.. ;)

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