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Eli!!!!!!! holy guacamole! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


How you doing choco sheep? I missed ya here :(


Damn, Eli and Irene are on when i have to go off, how unfair is that? :cry:


I might be here tomorrow since i'm taking a day off so prepare yourself :wink3:


Cheers :kiss:



ps. if you dont behave Eli, i'll never send you the fred vid , i mean it :mellow:



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Me , myself and IRENE!!! hi!!! long time no see :kiss:


how you doing? :D


I haven't seen you since forever! Yeah fine, how're you?


yeah, it's been ages :stunned:


I'm having some love issues in my life but i'll survive.. i'm glad to see ya here, i'm missing to crazy posting machine you used to be :P


But damn, i gotta go for now , hope we can cath up things one of these days , take care Irene and Eli! :kiss:


Ps. pelase Irene, keep an eye on eli for me, she's been very naughty lately :rolleyes: haha


Later :cool:

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