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just another piece of proof coldplay is so damn good live


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hey.........my dad (who's gone to countless grateful dead concerts and a ton of others) has seen coldplay, rolling stones, and paul mccartney live this summer (coldplay with me!)........he saw the stones live somewherer in new jersey, paul mccartney somewhere near boston (he had damn nice seats for both those concerts) and coldplay in hartford, and we hadok seats........he told me last night that coldplay hands down beat both the ex-beatle and the rolling stones.......



how ya like that, mick jagger??????








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huh..........i recently learned that my dad decieved me......well actually not.....he said something about a paul mccartney concert and then his cell phone cut out because it got out of range and then it cut out again because it was out of batteries......it was my aunt that went and saw paul (she went with my uncle) and apparently she was the one that had damn good seats (she's relatively high up at Fidelity Investments, and paul's doing their new ad campaign, so she god excellent seats...........sorry for the confusion, i think i might be seeing her this weekend tho, so i'll be sure to ask how it was :D :D



cheers, peter

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here are some reviews of the concert:


1.My concert rating: A+!


Pros: Don't Panic, Lights, Fix You, The Hardest Part (During the song, I figured out that, that THP is my favorite song of Coldplay behind Don't Panic). People yelling Canada sucks...see Cons


Cons: No fireworks like in the music video for Fix You , too much pot smoking, no Trouble , jerks talking behind us in the lawn, prices of tshirts (35 dollars), BLACK MOUNTAIN (SO terrible, that's not even an overstatement).. And yah, they didn't introduce himself (themselves?), one person on acoustic guitar. "I'm from Vancouver, Canada." and people around us saying Canada sucks... lol


I bought 32 dollars worth of stuff: a Coldplay program (20 dollars), a X&Y keychain (10 dollars), 2 keep a child alive wrist bands ( 1 dollar each)... I wanted to get the ONE wristbands, but I forgot to stop into that shop.


He said this was the first place Till Kindgom Come was played in USA. Which he messed up twice, one 5 seconds into the song, and another time in the middle.


He worked in Hartford, USA into Politik... "Give me something ( he changed the lyrics from the original) , give me concerts in Hartford...USA"


2.This was an amazing show!! My first Coldplay show and hopefully not the last. My fiance and i were blown away with this show. The lighting was the best i have ever seen in any show ever. The performace was flawless. They sound great live. The acousitic Johnny Cash tribute was great. NICE JOB boys, keep up the great work!!!


3.This was my first Coldplay concert, and might I say it was awesome. We were the first city on the American tour (as Chris made known after the first 2 songs). All the performed songs were top notch and with the exception of people talking very loudly during the acoustic 'Til Kingdom Come (which I thought was very rude) everyone seemed into the music. It was so hot that half way through the set the guys had to do a wardrobe change because they were soaked with sweat. Chris made a joke about being like Celine Dion and how he was ashamed at having a costume change, he properly alerted people that refunds would be available (lol). Great show, great band, I will definatly be in line the next time they roll around CT.


4.Fabulous show! The band was in top form - and the crowd responded in kind. Terrific mix of new material with old favorites. Dropping the balloons during "Yellow" got everyone into a real party mood that continued throughout the night - singing along and reacting spontaneously. One of the many highlights was the way the audience and band combined and accelerated the rhythm during "Clocks" - a real spine tingler!


The acoustic set was great, too. Only wish they'd have played a couple more songs in that mode.


It's amazing how much the band has grown professionally since the last time around. The light show was fantastic. The reflection of the crowd on the stage screens took everyone by surprise. Loved the alert for picture taking, too!


My one disappointment was not hearing "Warning Sign." But the encore was perfect. Ended the show with everyone in the crowd on a real high. Truly a night that won't be forgotten!


5.My first time seeing Coldplay. SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW... can anyone tell me what song it was that the crowd kept singing and chris didn't know how to respond?



Thought the show was amazing. To the two people who complained about the length of the set, first of all, they sang SO many songs with little or no break in between any of them--and they sounded amazing the whole time. Second, Hartford has sound ordinances that allow them to only play for a certain length of time. Acoustic set was my favorite--hoping they do an acoustic album at some point. Set (or lack thereof) was perfect, lighting awesome, sound quality great (was like I was listening to a CD). I've been to tons of concerts but I can honestly say this is the best one I've been to EVER.



cheers, peter





source: easytoplease.net

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