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Mouse / keyboard problem

Petit Prince

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I have a really strange computer problem and no idea what I can do. When I'm typing my computer is just to slow and suddenly stops and then I have to wait abut a minute till I see the things I have written. It also happens that the mouse doesn't move for some time.


I changed the mouse and the keyboard. After that it worked for about two hour but now I have the same problem again.


Can anybody help me? :/

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It's your computer. Seems like you don't have enough RAM (Random Access Memory), which means your computer, if too much is requested of it at one time, will lock up until it can get its priorities in order.


I'm sure Best Buy and Future Shop sell RAM sticks (USB 2.0 plugins), but they are mighty pricey. Go to your local computer shop and ask them how much a memory upgrade might cost.

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If your computer isn't ancient (more than say 8 years old) then this shouldn't happen at all. I would say that you might have a virus or spyware problem. Make sure you scan your computer for viruses and use Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy to look for spyware.


I have both programmes on my computer. Do I have to scan it myself or does the program do this automatically? I've been told it does. :/


And, no, my computer is not older than eight years.

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another weird thing just happened tonight. (i have a wireless keyboard and mouse) first my keyboard didnt work anymore, so i just put new bateries in. but then i couldnt connect the keyboard with my computer. there was a message that the mouse cant be connected but the mouse still work. so i started the computer again. but now the keyborad work, but the mouse doesnt.


what can i do now? :confused:

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