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I need a CHANGE!Please motivate me!

Gitta Rensolo

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Well BESIDES all the arguments and talk-backs of "NO!" and "YES" and "HEY! My dad can beat up yours with a baseball bat!"... this (girl) clearly asked for some what? Motivation.

Well, i don't know you but when someone says they need help, i'll give 'em what i can. What exactly do you need by motivation? Advice on what to do better or more? Well if that's the case, then yes excercize (even the shortest 15 minutes can make a world of difference). And just replace junky snacks with some fruits and vegetables, it ain't ALL that bad or as difficult as it seems. Just write down a plan and cross stuff out when it's been accomplished. Then you will feel good when you see with your very own eyes the things you have done. I did it not too long ago when i went on this apple diet that gave me a smaller appetite.It worked. So TRY it, i mean REALLY try it. ;)

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