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New DVD?


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here's a tip. If you want to make quite a lot of money, for the average person, really fast, make an unofficial DVD. They're utter shit, but some people can't help buying them :D


here's a small thing about it:

This is the ultimate critical review of Coldplay on record, on stage and on screen. In the space of just three amazing albums Coldplay have been transformed from unknowns to international superstars. Drawing on archive film and interviews with the band, a team of leading music critics and working musicians reviews and assesses the music of Coldplay to reveal the secrets behind the Coldplay phenomenon. The Coldplay Phenomenon was made with complete editorial freedom. This film is not authorised, approved by or associated with Coldplay. The result is the most hard hitting and frank review of the personalities, work and music of Coldplay ever produced.


here's a tiny photo of it too...

Looks like cack to me :cool: http://images.play.com/covers/741342m.jpg

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