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has anybody else seen them before AROBTTH?

Professor Peedston

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I saw them during their small gig tour before the bigger 2002 tour. Audience of 500 and i was on a riser on the side and about 10 ft away from Chris and at eye level. Between the release of that album and that show right before it I am the coldplay fanatic that i am today.


Saw them in 2001 too at a bigger (though not huge) venue and thought they were great then too.


Of course this last soldout show in February i was in GA and was second row center so even if they get bigger there are ways of still getting good seats. Now Red Rocks GA should be an interesting challenge this summer!! :twisted:

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Don't know why but I had to laugh when I looked at the pic. I mean, the way Chris looks at the camera and the captions of the strangers... :D

Thanks for posting!


the captions on the strangers are hilarious..i like how he calls him "some guy" and how funny does chris look?? hahaha...once again, great picture! :D

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I've been their biggest fan for the past 3 yrs!!! Saw them in Chicago on their first USA tour when they were all sick and had to cancel most of it...but they played for us!!!....was right in front of the stage...about 10 feet from the guys!


Saw them in Detroit and had backstage passes....chatted with the guys and got my Parachutes cover signed inside!!! They are AWESOME!!! and sooooo nice too!!!....was front stage again!!


Saw them again in March this year in Detroit and was further back!! I agree with Chris's Nuts.....gimme the days back when they were not as famous!!! glad for their success....but i can't get as close anymore!!!


Have all their cd's, live shows, singles, EP's, since they started !!!..... :o

they are sooooo cool!!!.....I'm glad they finally made it big in the US!! Took everyone long enough to come around!



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