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UK Music Hall of Fame '05


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Hiya, just thought i'd let UK people know that on Channel 4 on Sunday there is a programme on called 'UK Music Hall of Fame 2005' from 8pm 'til 11.30pm.

I saw the advert for it earlier and there is a clip of Chris talking, so i guess there will be something about Coldplay on it and hopefully Chris discussing music etc.

I've set it to record already! :D

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I accidentally started a thread about this today so I apologise...I'll just copy what I wrote in that one here:


For anyone interested, there is a program on Channel 4 tonight of the top 100 artists who have sold the most albums in the UK since January 1st 2000. However I know the top 10 already... :D And yes, Coldplay are in it!!! Either watch the program, beg me or just find out on the BBC website. :P

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There was an article today about a show I missed yesterday. :/ :cry:


Williams is 21st century biggest seller in UK

November 6th, 2005


Robbie Williams is the UK’s biggest-selling artist of the 21st century - selling 6.3 million albums since 2000.


The star is currently at the top of the album charts with his sixth studio solo album, Intensive Care.


Coldplay follow close behind with 6.2 million for their three albums, all released since the start of the millennium.


The list was revealed in a Channel 4 show screened yesterday, The Biggest Selling Artists of the 21st Century.


Dido is in third place, having notched up 5.7 million sales for her two albums in the last five years.


Those who narrowly miss out on top ten ranking include Kylie Minogue, Pink, Oasis, Craig David and Will Young.


The figures, taken on October 11 this year, are based on sales of albums released since January 2000 but exclude greatest hits, live albums and downloads.


1 Robbie Williams 6.3

2 Coldplay 6.2

3 Dido 5.7

4 Eminem 4.7

5 Westlife 4.2

6 Norah Jones 3.3

7 Blue 3.3

8 Anastacia 3.1

9 Stereophonics 2.8

10 Oasis 2.6


Did anyone catch this???

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It's repeating tonite...:D


Biggest Selling Artists of The 21st Century (Music)

Starting: 20:00 on Sunday 6th November. Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Showing on Channel 4.

[find out more on this programme from the DigiGuide Library]

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True. I think there was too much on Yellow and they just relied on clips from Live 2003. The little interview with Chris was nothing exceptional either. Only consolation is Coldplay's brilliant place at number 2! :D

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