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Carpark North

Nick Berryman

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I bought the album by Carpark North 6 months ago, and its my favourite album of the year along with x&y.

They do sound very much like Coldplay but a bit heavier in my opinion, the choruses are big and anthemic and the melodies are quite stunning.

Chris Martin mentioned them at the copenhagen concert



This band deserve to be huge http://www.carparknorth.dk

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I thought this Danish band needs a thread! They are a cool electro-rock band that I think many Coldplayers will like. The easiest way to hear their music is via YouTube http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=carpark+north&aq=f



I saw them live twice during 2010-2011 on my little island and they ROCKED! I once met the lead singer in Copenhagen by coincidence and got his autograph. I only have their album "Grateful", but it's awesome. :)


Chris Martin actually gave them a shout out at a concert in Denmark years ago.

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Just Human isn't one of my favourite tracks (I think it's originally called Human), but the chorus is a great singalong.


At the festival I saw them at, they played a medley of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, the piano riff of Coldplay's Clocks and Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall. It was awesome and a nice surprise!

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I think they began hitting here in Denmark in 2003(?) with the song Transparent & Glasslike. I loved that song (I still do).

I knew that human song sounded familiar...



Oh wow, I didn't even know it was in FIFA 08, even though my brother has it. I like it when the FIFA game uses relatively unknown bands.

They were probably already famous then, but I learned about Scissor Sisters because "Take Your Mama" was in a FIFA game. Good times...

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