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Petition: Get Rid of the Trucker Cap, Johnny!


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I can't shake the fact that anytime I see anyone wearing one, I either think of Brittney "I wish I didn't have to think of her at all" Spears... or Ashton "Call me Kootch" Kutcher.


I guess I just have really bad associations with the hat..

But I thought for sure I'd at least get someone else on my side... :confused:

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say we start a petition to get rid of jonny's clothes.


sorry. teenager. hormones.





I think Jonny looks adorable with the hat. I mean, it's definitely better than the afro he use to sport!


Keep the hat, Jonny!



i got an :idea2: keep the trucker hat but get rid of his clothes petition :sneaky: :wink3:

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OMG he looks sooo good there...... :blush:


Okay Kekita, I have to agree with you :wink3:

But this is an older pic. He is getting bolder now and his hair can look so dry sometimes :o When his hair is shorter it just looks a bit better, I think :)

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