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Hey ted!!!First of all, how are you today?I'm pretty nice thank you!wow Ted, Village people??cool!!!! :cool: I can imagine how fun it was... :lol: :lol: little dance routine?oh gosh, this I can't imagine!!! :lol: :lol: But I'm happy that you had a great time!!! :) ;)

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Hey everybody! Went to a wonderful fancy dress party last night! Me and a few mates went as the Village People and the DJ put on YMCA and we did a little dance routine for everyone! It was brilliant! The Carling flowed and we were all singing into the early hours...and now I have to get some work done and lose my slight hangover... :P How is everybody doing this fine day?


O.K. - but didn't you hear?? The song's name has been changed to YMC-GAY!! :wink3:

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You should be asking Rick that!!

:snore: :snore: :snore: quote]

There he goes again!!!!!!!! :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore:

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