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Question for pre-sale winners


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specifically for the Sacramento show. how much do floor tickets cost? and how many can you buy at once? i heard that it was only 4, and i have a group of 6 people that are going with me, so will they have to buy seperate tickets? and if so, if its for floor, will we still be able to all sit with each other, or are the floor tickets broken up into sections?

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Erm, I'll try answering this to the best of my knowledge.


I think the highest priced ticket is around 70-80 bucks.


There is no general admission this time (which sucks! :angry: ), so there are seats. Apparently. Completely unfair, but that's beside the point....


I think for the general sale on Saturday you can put up to 8 in? That's typically the ticketbastard policy. But who knows... I know that it was just up to 4 for the presale. Did you get a presale or are you going for general?


If you're goin for general on Saturday, and you really want tickets, and you can put up to 8 in (and I'm not sure about that, don't hold me to it, just check on ticketmaster.com), I don't know if I'd go for all 6 tickets at once. You MIGHT get something... But I've noticed a trend with buying tickets. The smaller amount you put in, the more likely you are to be taken, and given good seats up close. I think that they want to cater to a lot of different people, more chances for different forms of shipping, etc etc. Know what I mean? Just a tip. But if you all want to sit together and you don't mind being up high or something, then I'm sure you can put in for all 6 and get something.


I hope that helps....

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It was limited to 4. The highest price was almost $75. I'm not sure about the floor sections, though (this'll be my first time at the ARCO Arena), because it looked like there were aisles in beween the sections. At least that's what I can tell from the seating chart...

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