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Question: How long do Coldplay Concerts usually last?


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They are about an hour 1/2 or just over. They do three songs after the main set as an encore so don't miss those as they are great.


17 songs weak? In the UK an hour 30/40 mins is pretty good - certainly not short. I don't think they leave anyone feeling disapointed... except you inmyplace13! :)

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All I'm saying is their body of work (including b-sides) is extensive enough now that they could play maybe 20 songs a night. Maybe add one or two more to the acoustic set or do a second encore.


I'm not disappointed at all. The two times I saw them last autumn were ALMOST better than U2 on October 29. They could just extend it, they have the capacity.

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I went to my first Coldplay concert a few months ago and boy, I was surprised how quickly it seemed to go! Before I knew it, they were doing the encore! Too bad they aren't like what I've heard Bruce Springsteen concerts were like: I could definitely handle three or four hours of Coldplay!!!

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