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welll umm lets see....

I peed myself when I was 7 years old at the airport once.

I was a plane for 6 hours...didnt feel like peeing..but then when I got off I wnated to pee but there weren't any restrooms around and then I told my biotch aunt my prob and she laughed and said that it wasn't her fault and Iwas dumb enough to sit on a plane for 6 hrs and not go to the bathroom..I fought it and fought it..but I eventually peed myself..very embarrassing..I regret that I wasnt wearing any pulls ups..

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omg! i was taking a test in the library when i was like in 4th grade and i told liber chick that i had to go to the bathroom and she said she couldnt pause the test so i sat there and peed myself! my dad had to bring me some tight-ass blue jeans and none other than a reallly ugly patriotic flag t-shirt....it took like 3 ppl to walk me cuz i was dripping :o haha after it was over the next couple of months i would giver the liber. a "what now fool" look haha :lol:

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I've never had a guy hang up on me..I'd be insulted....

lets seee....another story...

I liked this one, I dont easily trust ppl esp. guys. I really liked him he was nice, funny, caring, he was awesome...I'm a lil chruch girl and I was 16 and he thought that our relationship should have moved up to "getting laid" mode and I said I dont think so and he said that it was aight..

then the next day I had to go over to his house to give his mother a haircut..I was going up to his room to say hello...him and his friend were in there..and he was telling the friend how annoying I was being about not having sex with him and hes not going to hang out cause I'm wasnt the wait....

I was sooo PISSEDDD :!: :!: :!: :x

I wanted take scissors in my hand and damge him...I walked away to pu the scissors away before I did something stupid and I walked in there and give him the biggest hardest slap possible..I regeted hitting him..cause I dont like hitting ppl..but I was soo disgusted.....

after that I was never really eager to get into dating again....

I need to find me a really nice guy..

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second attempt: when i was little i used to draw pictures on the glass mats in restaurants and then i would try and sell them to people in the restaurant :oops: i think that is pretty embarssing.

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