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HI GUYS!!!!!!


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Hey, I know you from that other board! Welcome in! I've been a member here for 12 years and it's AWESOME!


They even have a usergroup gang. Go join and we can learn the gang signs together! :lol:


12 years here but only seven posts...hmmm


i see you are a fellow texan...cool!


anyway welcome new member, Bremex and have fun! I am Crystal, by the way :)

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Hai.. I have joined in this message board!!!!

Salam Kenal!! Understand ga????


If you don't.. you can ask me at my message board with a compliment

for example.. t-shirt etc.. OK!!!!! Bye.. :P :P :P


wait.. you're indonesian? same here same here.. :D salam kenal juga..

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