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Your Favourite Title Track


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So from the three albums, which song that shares its name with the album is your favourite? Here are my opinions on each:


Parachutes: If ever the phrase "Short but sweet" was used more appropriately then I am the Pope. :smug: Beautiful little song and a joy to play on guitar. Maybe too short in some people's views though...


A Rush Of Blood To The Head: Wonderful, soaring song that tells a beautiful story and paints a lovely picture. So many different lyrics are taken from this song and used in signatures, avatars and screen names alike. The Live 2003 version is just superb. Jonny's intro sends shivers down your spine...


X&Y: Nice enough song but for me, not Coldplay at their best. Good lyrics and a good sing-along but nothing exceptional. The outro reminds me of The Beatles and that is a plus point. What do you think of their latest title track?


Well the choice is yours! Leave some comments about your choice as well! By the way, I chose A Rush Of Blood To The Head. :)

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X&Y imo probably shares the place for the best track on that cd too


Agree, on both statements. I like the reasoning behind the title x&y, the solution to solving for unknown variables. It can mean whatever makes sense to each individual. The song x&y is brilliant too, the chorus is simply amazing. It makes perfect sense to me.

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It's all about AROBTTH!!!! Amazing song, amazing lyrics.....just incredible!!!

I love Parachutes, short but sweet. But X&Y im still not a huge fan of. I think it's a really good song, great lyrics, and i LOVE the guitar in it....but for some reason i dont listen to it that much compared to the rest of the album. It's weird. :/

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