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The Bob Marley thread


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I think he was a genius. Jut listening to one of his songs show what a magnificient man he was. He put his heart in each one of them; he was a commited man, he believed in his causes and showed it proudly and brilliantly in his music.

I also think he had a limitless creativity... the music was full of the exact combination of strenght, harmony and beauty: you had the percussion on one side, the bass leading the way, on the other hand the brasses giving the style, his sweet precious voice speaking such powerful ideas and the I Threes singing along... I guess those three women made the most beautiful backing vocals ever!!!!!

Besides, he was the first and best Third World Star! I really love him, he inspires me everyday.



Emancipate yourselves from mental slavering, none but ourselves can free our minds...

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Bob Marley's family to sue Universal Music

They also take on major mobile phone co


Bob Marley's family have announced that they intend to sue Universal Music Group and Verizon Wireless for using the reggae legend's name and likeness without their permission.


According to a press release issued by Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd, which is owned by the Marleys, Universal Music has agreed to grant US mobile phone provider Verizon the right to use Bob Marley's name, likeness and image to promote a new set of ringtones.


"The agreement was entered into without the permission of the Marley Family," said the statement.


Universal said the claims in the press release were "meritless" and they have not received any suit from the Marley estate, reports Reuters.


Universal Music Group owns Island Records, the label on which Marley recorded several major hits including 'One Love' and 'I Shot The Sheriff'.

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my fave song ever is 'natural mystic' :cool4:


i had exodus album since many years ago and i begun to listen to it thanks to a teacher of mine, which played a marley song in class once. he was a so cool teacher, i miss him.


but i have some other albums of Mr. Marley too. ;)


Babylon by bus is so cool too. 'Stir it up' :wink3:


i have to give him a listen again. :dance:

he used to be very inspiring to me :smug:

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