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Thankyou, Coldplaying.com

Corner Kid

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I want to thank you for being the better coldplay forum.


I've spent only a couple days at the main board (coldplay.com), and I absolutely hate it. There's way too many pricks on that board who do nothing but bash people for the music they like.


I like this forum, a lot. I hardly even go to my own forum anymore...


Hey, you people should join my forum and make it more like this one! Its been dead lately, since I havent played any shows lately.


Anyway, thats all I've got to say. Thanks. You can probably tell I'm unemployed and have a lot of spare time. :shrug:






































you dont have to say it, I know I'm a dork.

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this boards is soooo much better than coldplay off. one.....i just made a thread about how stupid and pricky they can be......they are like a board of reilly's....well.....n/m cuz i luff reilly......ahem i mean betty :D

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