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Coldplays Rturn To The China Club


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Over three sold out nights at the Nassau Coliseum and the Continental Airlines Arena. Coldplay will perform in front of 45,000 fans.

.. On April 6th, they'll play for an audience of only 95!!!

95 lucky ‘PLJ listeners will be invited to the China Club for a very rare lunchtime mini-concert with Coldplay. They’ll even get a chance to ask the band questions.

It will be like having Coldplay in your living room.

Check out Coldplay's latest cd, "X & Y," in stores now.

Get set to call in and win an invitation to the Coldplay Lunchtime mini-concert from 95-5 ‘PLJ!

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wow, that's cool how you knew of it!


Aww. I know how you feel. Big exam's suck. where do you go to school?


ok this is a huge stretch. but I figure if I try to win, I have a genetics exam that morning at 8:30am. I wonder if I could drive and make it in time. most likely not. hahha I would have to fly. :rolleyes:IF ONLY!


edit: uhh this is a lunchtime concert. I would never make it! not even by plane!

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I'm in High School. I'm in New York and the only way I would ever get in to that show is because of the connection.


Anywho...our year is split into trimesters and at the end of the first two you get a decent size exam in each subject. Then at the end you get a big final on the entire year for each subject. April 7th (day after China Club) I have two "trimester" exams. I'm still excitied about the potential for some autographs, tough! And I can listen on the site, like you said, while I study.

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