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Got a Special Talent??

Sweet One

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I've always wondered what you coldplayers are capable of..so, what can you do??


I can sing. I've performed a couple of times but i could never go up in front of a large crowd and do it.. just small crowds..hahaha...


Oh, and i make my own clothes sometimes. I'm great at sewing and i'm learning how to knit too. So, if you're lucky, one of you will get a sweater from me for christmas. Don't mind the uneven lengths of the arms..haha


How about you folks? :)

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1. writing...


l have been a writer since lol l was 2...haha l used to scribble times at an end...and pretend it all made sense..kind of like a story. Now, l am in the process of getting my first novel published. It is a fantasy/magic epic, called, JuliAna....l am looking very forward!!! lol i have the imagination of a LUNATIC!!!!





2. paint/draw


l have been drawing and painting ever since l could pick up a pencil!! :) its a wonderful pastime of mine!! l have given a lot of portrait paintings to family and friends...lol l'll draw one of any of you :o if you can sit still for 2 hours!! :roll:

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Such cool talents you guys!


I used to write when I was a little kid too. It's pretty funny to look back on it now because NONE of it makes sense. Good luck with the novel!


I'm an Irish dancer (if that's a special talent :shrug: ) .... which means I can contort my feet and legs into a number of odd positions. BUT I'm not too bad....I've got my first huge competition coming up in August. :o

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whoa!! that is a talent!! l think Irish Dancing is wonderful to watch!...l find it really talented..about how they are able to swing they feet in such a fast movement...bahh l dunno if that was worded right!!



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I can write pretty good. It's just that I sort of have writer's block when I'm at home. My imaginations kicks in more when I'm on vacation.


And this is not really a talent, more of an eye problem I was born with, but my eyes never stop moving, I was born with this eye imperfection where my eyes are always moving back and forth.

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