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i dont like long threads!!

green eyes88

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look at this!!!!



allll these threads have one billion pages, if i get into one i wont know what's going on cause the first post is always so different from the very last cause ppl talk about irrelevant things...


:( i've got no thread to enter so i've started this on for irrelevant chatting


(i apologize, i'me a member of another forum that has about 300 members, and the all time most ppl connected was like 32... so i've gotten used to short threads and talking to the same 10 ppl all the time ..... :) )

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i think you just jinxed the "i hate long threads" thread becoming a long thread as well by saying that...


it did make 2 pages, didn't think it would.......................


I think perhaps you've lost your thread...............................:thinking:

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Guest LiquidSky
same here... makes kind of fall asleep while reading...


I do read them though..but only along the lines.. :laugh3: only the key words :wink:

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