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Chris and Gwyneth enjoy a drink!


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aaawwww, those are SO SWEET!!! Finally some pics where it's not onlky chris who's smiling! Good girl Gweney!



And btw i REALLY think chris it growing a beard :? he looks so old. Maybe he's confersation for the hair that's míssing on his head :lol:

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apparently thats a "end of season" beard! Its like footballers, when the footy season is over, they all grow their beards and hair during their summer break because they don't have to be clean shaven like you do during the season. then when they begin again at the start of the next season they shave it all off again. that photo was taken on sunday, and i heard he was clean shaven in edmonton on tuesday night, so he was just letting it all out while he was on a break...and deservedly so! like us girlys in winter dont shave our legs because no-ones goin to see them....well, maybe that's just me...!!! :shock: :lol:

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