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Any OLD people on this board?????

Chris's Nuts

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Guest LiquidSky
I just noticed on one thread that everyone was in their teens. Kinda scared as I'm 31. Please tell me I'm not the only old fart on this board. :(


ps. the avatar is not a REAL picture of me :roll:


Hey, it's ok. We can learn a lot from you. Besides I like to talk to older people, just to see how they think. I'm Josceline btw and if you forget just read my signature easy as that ;)

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i know! i get that ALOT! i matured faster too....i like it that way though....i dunno why.....i guess i used to no....but now....being tall isnt such a bad thing.....i have a huge cursh on this 20 year old guy hath worx at a shell station i go by "to get a drink before soccer practice ;) " and he wont tell me how he feels cuz im 14! hes 20 but its just a number! :D

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haha i know! i stay in there for hours! talking with him and he shows me what he does and stuff...my mum isnt to keen on the fact that hes "heavy metal" and has a tounge ring ....mmmmmmmmm it yummy.....hes 6'1 green eyes black hair....man hes fine! he drinks but he doesnt talk about it or even force me to try it because he knows im not that way and he respects me for it! we are just friends trying to change eachother for the best i guess :shrug:

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