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Kids grow up a lot faster these days


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When I think about me being 12 I can't believe how much I've grown up these few years, but now kids who are a lot younger than me do pretty much the same things I do and even more. I was at a party this Saturday and the freshmen (12-13) were first in line to get wasted. Then you see them walking around in the middle of the night alone in the streets sooo drunk it's hard to believe. I wasn't even close to doing that sort of stuff at that age...hell, I'm not even close to doing that stuff now. Are kids growing up faster?

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Yes....the teen scene is over populated.



They are all so desperate to fit in..and that urge has caught at ages younger and younger as the years go on.


There are so many things I didn't know at before teen years...that kids embarrassingly know at like 8 or 9...its really sick.


But they have more influences. Propaganda, older friends, internet, and other medias.


Its so much more easier for them to get out and gain foul knowledge. And parents are so much more absentminded than they were before...I mean, where are they to talk to their children, warn them?

They are consumed with work..and all other secular things.


Anything but their children.



Frequently, in the area I live in...the monetary influence is soaring. These parents literally LOAD their kids with money and gadgets like laptops and cell phones...at really young ages. And the parents travel out frequently to work..and mothers are out too.


So the kids just, spend their time out looking for trouble...or not even looking, its just there. THey have that ugly access now like never before.


They have the money for drugs and weapons (many teens are commiting suicide or accidentally shooting each other)....its really scary and I hope my kids (if ever they come) don't have to live in a town like mine.

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Yes I completely agree!! My sister is alright but some of the things her friends and classmates do is just sickening! She is the only one without a cell phone and she is the only decent one out of the lot! - and I'm not being biased at all there!

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I think Crystal basically covered everything I wanted to say in her post :laugh4:


It's just so shocking seeing 13 year old girls in clothes that are way too old for them and seeing 12-16 year olds asking you to get them alcohol or cigarettes.

Like I know the whole smoking teenager scene has been around since even before I was a teenager, hell I even smoked myself! but nowdays it seems like every teenager is smoking and the parents are just turning a blind eye


Although in saying that, a lot of teenagers are very street smart and aware of dangers in society, which is a good thing, but it's just so sad how todays youth go about living. I mean gone are the days where you'd see kids playing hop scotch or skipping on the road. Now they're all inside on hot days constantly playing computer games!

I for one would hate to be a kid growing up today because they'll never have the memories or experiences that I (and most of you) have had as kids


T'is a sad thing :( :bigcry:

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I totally agree, it's frightening and horrible to see 12-years olds getting wasted every weekend, 11-year old girls wearing mini skirts and talking about making out with some stranger.. 10-year olds nowadays know more about sex that I did with 14!! They get boyfriends in the age from 10 and .. they shouldn't! They lose all their innocence, their childhood, everything! They don't go into the park anymore, playing, they stay at home playing computer games and watching TV..

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I believe that the people that you talk about in the first post, acting above their age are a lot more immature then others, trying to get wasted and whatnot. They really just end up looking like idiots and I am sure that older people do not really see them and think that they are 'cool'.


I definitely will not do anything like that until I know I can fully understand and accept the consequences. But until then.... no way.

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