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Another One!


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Hello Folks:


The name is Carley and, well, I'm posting this in the new members section which means that, obviously, I'M ANOTHER NEWBIE! :-D


I live just outside of Los Angeles, and wished I would have joined this message board ages ago. Reading through all the posts, I've come to the conclusion that: you guys are entirely too cool!


I've been a Coldplay fan since 2000: I was visiting my best friend in England *****during the week that Yellow first came out***** and was immediately in love. Bough the CD there, took it back home to the states and promptly wore it out . . . although now, Rush of Blood is now my favorite album.


Aside from Coldplay, I'm a college student and work part time (well, they PAY me part time wages but tend to work me Full Time hours . . . go figure . . .) and spend money on travel. (<-- my hobby, albeit an expensive one.)


Nice to meet you all!



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