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Songs you love from albums you don't! lol


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Okay I was just listening to a song earlier that I absolutely love, even though I was overall really disappointed with the album it came from! So I was just wondering what other suggestions people would have, when you've bought an album and been disappointed wiht most of it, but really loved one or two songs from it.


I'll start it of with the BRMC album "Howl" - it's very different to their previous two albums and I really didn't like it compared to their old stuff, but I did really LOVE the title track "Howl" which I think is one of their best ever songs.

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I love several Switchfoot songs, but have been very disappointed of all albums! They have great songs like "Dare you to move" or "Learning to breathe", but the rest of the album was always crap :(


Oh, and I kinda liked "Crystal Ball" from Keane's new album, but can't stand listening to the rest of it!

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Most albums I was really disappointed by were the ones from bands which were played on the radio and whose singles I loved....so I thought I'd download/buy their albums....and in the end the only nice song on it was the single....


for example the first scissor sisters album......oh my gosh what a shame,...

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