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How Was Your Day?


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In this thread you can talk about how your day went. Did it go well? Horrible? Did you have some sort of epihany today? Tell us about it!


I'll start:

Last night I had I dream in where I stole diamonds from this dead woman's house :confused: . I saw on the news that her husband killed her and that there house was vacant so I went over there and broke into the house and stole some diamonds. A week went by and I started to feel guilty so I tried to tell my mother. Also, I tried to turn on lights in my house but none would come on.:stunned: Anyway, I was just about to tell her and she woke me up! So I felt guilty when I got out of bed.

Today I volunteered at the zoo. They had this Halloween thing going on for kids and I was at the "Dino Dig" station. There were these seven tables, and each table had a huge rock with plastic dinosaur bones in them with tiny hammers and picks. I got into a lot of arguments with little five year olds because they could only spend 3 minutes at the table :confused: . And all day I only had stale popcorn, water, an icky pretzel and an overpriced Snickers bar. :dozey: Then I came home, cleaned my room, did my weekend homework, and now I'm here! :cool:


So...How was your day? :)

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We had our first football game in three weeks (We being the band). It was homecoming, and we played a sucky team, so it was good. I enjoyed the game, and came to a realization. Sure, I hang with a few cool kids, but I never really talk around them. But my nerdy friends, I feel more at home. So, all I have to do is accept this in my head.


There's a party across town tonight that I'm going to, and hopefully that'll be good.

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This morning I got up and went to mass at 8:30am then I bummed around home for a while and watched tv then I played basketball then had a sleep and while I was sleeping some friends came around and wanted to go bikeriding so I got up and went riding. After about 10km we realised we were lost and were way out woop-woop so we cycled back in then my friend got dehydrated and collapsed so I had to ride by myself to another friends house (where we were going anyway) and got her some water then she got up and went back to my friends house again and got a ride home whilst I had to ride another 5km home by myself!! Then I was so stuffed I just watched the aria awards and got on the computer which i am currently using now!

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well nothing news worthy happened today besides it being great, so i'll talk about yesterday.


yesterday was stressful, horrible, irritating, tiring.

the boss' son was working at the cafe and was meant to be helping me out, but he seriously left me to do all the hard stuff. for a guy to let a girl do all the tough work is just poor character in my eyes and not gentlemen like at all, so i was trying to ignore him all day. the only time i was pleasant was when we were first introduced and when he left.


i am sooo glad yesterday is over and today has happened. the days are so unpredictable.

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oh, really?

how was ur first day at uni, Kara? Did you get a good impression?

I've been at uni for 6 weeks now, lol. I just came home for a week. Uni is awesome, great fun, met so many cool people and done lots of new exciting things. :nice:


hope you're good Iris!


That sucks Kay, hate it when guys dont pull their weight. :/

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all in all my day was (will be) very boring.

it's sunday and school starts again tomorrow. so i'll just get my stuff together and get ready.

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i have a party to go to and i really don't feel like it. i had two yesterday :sleeping: :freak:


last night i had a dream that i got to meet gwyneth paltrow at her house :huh: it was very strange... chris was there too but he didn't like me very much (:confused:) so he left

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Today was ok, I guess.

My mom gave me driving lessons today! :cool: But I've never heard her scream so loud in my entire life! "STOP! BREAK! SLOW DOWN!" It was terrible.

Well, she's like the third person to try to teach me how to drive. My dad and brother screamed a lot too.

And afterwards she didn't talk to me for like twenty minutes but later we watched this movie on Lifetime (:dozey: ) where this crazy nanny falls in love with her boss and killed 5 people in one hour (the movie was like an hour and a half) And then I ate dinner- she made my favorite- barberque chicken! But now I feel sick (I think it was the chicken) so I say to her:

"Learn how to cook!"

"Well, learn how to drive!" mom.

:stunned: ...:lol:

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