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Amazing movie and huge message - everyone on Earth should see it and hear what Al Gore has to say. He´s great.

If we do small things like unplunging eletronics, go to work walking or planting a tree, we are helping. Imagine if everyone could be able to do those small things? They´ll become bigger and then, our children, the future, the world will be glad and smiling.

Is it so hard? No it isn´t and we know that.

So, let´s help - spreading the message everywhere and doing everything we can.




Do not wait.

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Gore's Inconvenient Truth is Conveniently False



Sorry that movie has been proven to be bull shit and so is what Gore has tried to sell.


Read this






Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe;



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even a person who believes in a disastrous human effect on greenhouse gases and global warming should not believe al gore. He exaggerates beyond the "truth" for his own campaigning. Before I saw scientific evidence that seemed to disprove that concept of greenhouse gas emissions ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=XttV2C6B8pU ) I still didn't believe Al Gore could only objectively relay facts and never believed that he did.

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I've already had posted it on ari thread...


yesterday i watched the inconvenient truth.. i didn't liked it. i find some big mistakes to believe it all... if it's a documentary... have you ever knew something about Jacques Cousteau or Richard Attenborough life's from their documentals? None... why Gore speaks about his family on this one? :/ and his tesis is based as i could see, only from an expert, i can believe it if more experts signs it... and well he didn't take into account things like the mountain levels, the forests... well... our teacher skiped a part of this documentary because as it was a copy he got himself (kazaa you know), the pictures were bad, so... he skipped a part, may be that was the most interesting one... we watched the film to do 2 exercises... well, was interesting but the most important, he (Gore) is critizising that we waste energy, we pollute... but he shows it to people by using computers, screens, cds... it also damages the earth... can't he do it without this materials?... and about laws and things like that, politics unfortunately sign a lot of them, but they never do what the law says, so is a waste of time, energy (paper, translators, ink....). well that's my personal opinion...

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I would NEVER buy or watch or read anything of Al Gore's.

I don't care what he's saying or doing, he's going to use it to get publicity.


If somebody can give me proof, instead of just saying, "Well, it's heating, ya know, Florida floods, ya know, ya know, ya know..." than maybe I'll believe it. But right now, most people driving this global warming thing are looking for attention and trying to scare us into supporting them so that they can do whatever the hell they want.


My mom was talking about this movie and called it An Imperfect Truth on accident. It was funny. xD

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