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2007 Calendar


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I am wondering if any of you have already bought this calendar, or if you've purchased Coldplay calendars in the past. I'm curious as to what kind of pictures are included - concert, studio, candid, etc? I'm only able to find a front cover pic of the new calendar...thanks!

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I totally agree with razors_girl; It was wonderful photos in the calendar but it's more like a poster, cause you couldn't use it as a calendar...

I would like to have the 2007 calendar but I won't order it from the internet and I don't know it they sell it anywhere in Sweden..

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Isn't there a nice one of Will lying down on the sofa with a CD in his hand and of Guy looking in the mirror and also one of him walking down the corridor to go on stage? I remember those being really good photos when someone posted them...



Does anyone have the ones of Jonny that are in there - I'm not sure I've seen them...

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I ended up receiving this for Christmas, I think it's pretty good. I only flipped through it once, I don't recall seeing an overabundance of Chris pics, but I do remember a lot of individual pics. I would have liked more pics of the band as a whole, but oh well, that's up to the powers that be.

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The 2007 calendar I have is great! Like you say' date=' its got loads of room to write stuff now, and there's photos of all of them, individually. Julia, you must have a different one! I remember on Amazon, there were two calendars, one looked like a bit of a fake.:\[/quote']



yeah I'm afraid I have a different one because on mine there is no space to write things on.....:\


this is what it looks like





and this is the official one...right?



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^ The seconds one isn't the official one either.


The official one has this picture on the front:





Yes, this is the Official with Penny Howell Pics that I have also... very cool pics!

Got that blue one a while ago off Amazon and it is so cheap and all pics of Chris...

Don't know about the other one, but not from official merchandise site!

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