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What's it like knowing the exact time and date of your death...?

The Mad Hatter

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mhh... i guess i'd be doing all the stuff i love.

yeah, i'd stop going to school and maybe drive to belgium or something, if i was strong enough.

i'd rather die one or tow days earlier than lying in hospital for the last few hours with so much pain.

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Has anyone seen that movie Last Holiday? Well, Queen Latifah thought she had 2 weeks to live so she emptied her bank accounts and went to France and did everything she ever dreamed of doing. I'd do something like that.


People know me as a goody two shoes but if I had like, 8 hours to live I would say "FUCK IT!" and go wild and party and make out with random people and stuff like that.

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mmhhh... i guess people who only have a few hours/days left to live think they're absolutely invincible.

but speaking of movies... i think i once opened a thread called "Mi vida sin mĂ­". it was about knowing one's date of death and so on...

has anyone seen that movie?

too bad i haven't seen the Queen Latifah one, but you said she thought she had only two weeks left to live...was it just a misunderstanding? she did survive?

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