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I swallowed Oven Cleaner


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yes it's true...i think i am dying at this very moment :shock:


i got a new job in a shop for the summer and i was in the bakery part today, cleaning the oven before i went home...sprayed a bit too much oven cleaner..breathed...

*still having coughing fits* :eyecrazy:







*coughcoughcough :shock: coughcough*

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YAY!!! My eye is feeling much much better. I'm glad cause i'm gonna have the weekend to "relax"....hehehehe...my family's leaving tomorrow morning for the casino! YIPPEE!! :D



oh my!! NOW l know why youre happy! ;) :o :twisted:

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Yikes...if you die can I have your avatar?


:o thanks for making me feel better!!!! jk...sure u can have it :P


cleanest stomach in the west :lol:





Same thing happened today, but i am learning to take deep breaths before spraying and cleaning :D

pour example = *deep breath*


*scrub as fast as can*

*back away from the oven*




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