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According to a Federal Reserve report yesterday, the net worth of U.S. households has skyrocketed. This confirms what many of us have been saying for quite some time: we are currently in an unprecedented economic boom. But don't tell that to the Democrats or the media...they're doing their best to cover it up. And they have good reason. If Americans really realized just how good they had it under a Republican president, they might not vote for Hillary Clinton. And the media won't have that.


But the statistics are telling. Personal wealth among American households spiked 2.5 percent in the last quarter. Added onto the entire year, that's a 7.4% net worth increase among families. This is huge. If the economy was as bad as the press wants everyone to believe, then how come people are getting richer by the day? All of this is happening despite a slowdown in the housing market.


It used to be said that people voted with their wallet. If the economy was good, the incumbent party and president were safe. Yet even the Republicans screwed that up in the last election. For some reason, they were drawn into arguments about Iraq and were unable to effectively trumpet their economic record.


Thanks to the Bush tax cuts, the economy is on fire. Happy days are here again. Just don't tell the Democrats.



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WHAT?!?! Are you on crack?


That article is basically lying and also saying "if someone else tells you otherwise they probably are a dirty democrat".


The US economy is fucked pal.


The United States is now by far the biggest debtor nation in the world is currently over 8.5 trillion dollars in debt and that is projected to go to 10 trillion or more in a few years.


Trillions vanish from the Pentagon and they "don't know where it's gone".

Seriously, actually losing trillions and not knowing where it is!


Lending 2 Billion a day to help fight some of the debt problems off.



I'm not a blanket Democrat OR Republican supporter. And that's the way it sould be these days. Both parties are the same. Owned and ran by the same private bankers.

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DJ and S&P recorded biggest one- month and one- day- losses in years, Dow was down 500 just in one day, biggest loss since Spetember 2001, at the end of february and you think US economy is doing well? US Dollar is expected to go down till it reaches 1.5$ for 1 Euro this year and there is 33% chance of recession in 2007... GW Bush downed the Healthcare budget to finance the Iraq operation and to support 20 000-30 000 more troops.

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this is so funny, people will believe anything. if you honestly think our economy is booming you are obviously on crack and listening to whatever georgie boy tells you.


wonder why he doesnt speak on tv that much anymore? because his approval rating is at 28%. that is basically where Nixon was before he resigned. ANd that 28% is just a bunch of people who should really go live under a rock because they obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

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