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i've no idea how i've posted so much on here


maybe i take advantage of the size of this place


which is considerably smaller than atease


i managed almost 5000 in 1.5 years there though


there are quite a lot of pretentious muppets on there though, there's always someone who'll disagree with you


i find the people are here for the fun of it and don't take every post quite so seriously


i'm sick of having arguments there about people disagreeing with my opinions




i hate pavement, it doesn't make me a bad person


if i said i hated pavement here then people will respect that and that's the end

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I hardly notice living on the Island of Britain, living about 30 miles from the sea-side.


Primark Stores Limited is a department store in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Spain. It has 161 stores with 125 in the UK, 34 in the Republic of Ireland and 2 in Spain. In the Republic of Ireland, where the company's main headquarters are based, it trades as Penneys. The company is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods (ABF) plc, employing over 26,000 people. The company positions itself as marketing fashionable clothing at competitive prices. A rival to Next and Topshop I believe.

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i missed a few out there




who is this mystery person


and why does she have my username minus a little bit


is she an avid poster




also frozenn if you see this


post in here

i think ive seen someone with this nickname on last.fm and if i'm not mistaken she's on my friends list. *shrughs* i'll go ask her once i discover my polish profile has turned back to english.
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everyone is welcome


it can be found off the bermuda triangle and you all have to wear bermudas


it's an official dress code


we'll party by day and become cannibals by night


the weakest coldplayer will endure a heated experience


i shall also be crowned queen and i shall have my sidekicks who'll support me


(the nice coldplayers and definitely not any mods/admin)

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