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i missed my high school graduation


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that sucks! but you didn't sound all too thrilled to go prior to the event anyway' date=' so this might be a good thing, oui?[/quote']


hehe, yeah i wasn't so thrilled about going but i still wanted to go. i think i'm most sad that i didn't get to see people. cos i've been out of school since first semester this was going to be the last time i saw people before people go their own ways during the summer and then off to uni. i'm sad i didn't really get to see people. and i'm sad i missed the par-taying afterwards :(

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Guest LiquidSky
it was last night and i've been really sick so i couldn't go :cry:


Awww! I'm sorryy to hear that :? That really sucks! :sad: I would have gone anyways, even if I was terribly sick......

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