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im almost crying becoz of a football match


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.... :sad: ...the final of the confederations cup jsu finished. france beat cameroon 1:0...but there was no winner in this final......no one played to win this cup...all 22 players on the field played in memory of MARC-VIVIEN FOÈ`.....he died last thursady during cameroons semi final.....he was such great player...but most significantly (of course...i did not know him personally...but its known) he was a great person!...every single cameroon player had Marc`s name on their jerseys.....at the end there wasnt the usual celebration ceremony...instead both team captains hold the cup....having a big picture of M-V FOÈ in front of them.


:sad: R.I.P. :sad:

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man that's beautiful....

Foe was some1 I ALWAYS used to buy in championship manager...then when he went to West Ham Utd irl, I paid close attention to him and his career....I was shocked when i heard of his death, and it was a sad day.... :( but so nice to see a tribute like that...shows there's still humanity in this world.

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