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Ummmmm okay, here I am.

Just a short introduction... I'm Jessy, 21 years old (oh so old) and I'm from Germany. I usually go to the other Coldplay board, but I also registered for this one quite some time ago. Now 'tis time to post. :D Vinita (I think) reminded me of that. heh 8) Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy, enuff of this yapping. Hello to everyone here. :)

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Hi Matt, nice to meet you as well. :) Don't worry, I'll give it a chance, I usually hop from board to board anway. *wink* I don't care which place is better, as long as both are good. :D Where are ya from?

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hello jewel hope u enjoy urself here

I think I have seen u on the other board

anyways have fun :)


Hey! :) Yep, could be that we talked on the other board. :) Thanks for welcoming me! :D

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