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Biker boy Chris gets his nails done


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CHRIS MARTIN looks more like a neighbourhood yob in his hooded puffa jacket than a millionaire rock star.

The COLDPLAY singer was hiding his identity as he raced through the streets of London’s posh Primrose Hill on his bike.

But the eco-friendly star was unable to hide his terrible painted nails.

Chris was out without actress wife GWYNETH PALTROW — and his wedding ring was missing too.

Meanwhile, Chris’s pal GUY RITCHIE was also spotted out without his missus.

Despite having access to the plush £6million gym his wife MADONNA had built next door, the Snatch film director instead chose to pump iron at the Virgin Active gym in London’s Mayfair.



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Good job, Apple :lol:

But where is his wedding ring? :confused:


Not a good sign? Last time I saw Guy Berryman in Mexico he was wearing his wedding ring as an earring...:thinking: Next I hear, he and Joanna breakk up!


Gad! I hope Chris doesn't go all (early) Peter Gabriel on us!:stunned:

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