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You tell someone who is supposed to a friend you like someone........who is single........

what do they do... when I am not there.......

go and take the person for themselves.........


Cunt ...


I will pretend I am not arsed but one day I will get him back...

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I asked a girl out a few weeks ago..... she has not said nowt, but since then when she sees me, she is very pleased to see me in a way more than a normal friend would be........


I was not able to go to a party last night, and I knew she would be there. I was telling a so called friend, that I was keen on her and gutted I would not be a party as it would be the ideal chance to have a good time with her and other friends. He had the cheek to say to me he would say hello !


Just seen the pics of the party on facebook and he is all over her.


Nice way to treat a friend hmmm

It could be nothing... but it does not look like nothing to me.!


Personally I reckon the rules of engamnet when you like someone and tell a friend is if you are making progress, you don´t interfer or try and make a move on that person, espically if you have had the guts to go and ask them out yourself first.


I think I would have really liked this girl. And normally I am the shy type, this one I asked out pretty much after our second meeting. !

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there's always someone worse off than you


I get albie on MSN every day :(


Still !:shocked:

I atucally called him one day, when he posted his mobile number on here for a laugh.......... !

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I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose that you must be very careful with the people who you put your trust in :\ Maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed to be... and anyways, you've got to think that it's the girl the one who chooses the guy she wants to be with.

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Oh right I remember now...


I remeber when he instantly blamed eta for M-11

However when it happend the news in the UK said it was not ETA and historically its not their style... also comon sense would have told most people this

They will never target a cillivans like that, also they normally give warnings like the IRA did in the UK.


I dont think he ever intended to lie, however you don´t want someone running the country you live in to go on and make such allegations in such a trajic situation..


He was also one of George W Bush´s lovers..!

I know people that are voting today for PJOE, becuase of PP´s handling of foriegn affiars, and the right wing views on imigration is not healthy for the country and some of them have said they will consider leaving if the PP get in power.

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A friend said he was in Plaça espanya today with a PP flag.. (banner from PP supporters) and it said forigners out.


This is not healthy... I can understand up to a point though how people may feel about imigration...

For people like me they don´t have a problem I work with a full time contract and its generally appreaticted even though I struggle I am trying to learn the lanauge... I am lucky because where I am born... but others... who can´t do anything or dont well I can understand how people may feel espically if things are hard already...


What is the bad thing though, not everyone who will be supporting the PP will be having those views and some of them may have a racial undertone... there was a similar election campign in the UK once, and one idiot used the same words of what was the equilent of the PP party against me, and it turned into a racially motived physicall attack on me... and I am surer this will happen over here to some people as well !

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exactly!! you remember it well! :)


At the news from all over the world people were told that the ones who commited the terrorist attack wasn't ETA but in our own country we were just told the opposite because they DID want to blame ETA so as to get more votes.


Aznar = Bush's ass kisser.


And people are voting PSOE also because PP put made us take part in a war in which we didn't have ANY interest to take part in.

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you should kick your "friend's" ass and never trust him again. well, it will do without the first thing, too. That sucks. Friends betrayal. And then they say it was because they drank too much/was the first one to satisfy their needs. that's why i've decided not to tell anyone ever again that i like someone. because in the end it's gonna be me who'll be hurt.

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Like I said it could be nada... ! ... but I asked someone else to have a look at the picture... and they said if I they was me... they would wonder as well... ! They said it looked like your so called mate was flirting like hell with her........


I will see.... he did not even take time to remember her name before... I told him, it says it all about how much he had noticed her before hand..


Maybee me telling him said to him, well there you there is someone that is free...... "el es un hijo de puta." ....!


If it is the case, he will lose the respect of a few of his friends anyway..... for shitting on me !

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i'm sorry to hear this. he probably didn't do it it to hurt you, i guess he just didn't care about the things you said. BUT you certainly wouldn't do this to a friend.


i really like a friend of mine but i'm also friends with his girlfriend. there was something going on with him when i first met him [and neither me nor him knew this girl]. however, i wouldn't do such a thing to her. he still makes flirty comments and it's sometimes hard to see him as a friend but i do respect the fact that they're together.

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