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Men Beauty Secrets


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I just thought I'd throw this topic out there.


I found it on another forum I go on and it's interesting, really.


Guys, is there anything you wouldn't share with your friends outside of the internet that you would here?


Just stuff like things that help your skin, or really effective hair products, or whether you pluck your eyebrows or wear lip balm.



So yeah. I feel slightly feminine but whatever, I wanna know if there's anything that works for someone.

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Aghh I hate acne.


I feel worse for guys who have acne though. I mean, at my age, if you're a girl who has giant boobs you're okay, even if you have bad acne. But if you're a guy you're just SOL.


Yes, i know first hand:disappointed:

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then again, concealer doesn't always work so well. believe me, i know. but i do know a guy or two that has used it in secret, and i think that's fine.


acne made middle school quite painful for me, so i would figure for guys that can't cover it up, it would be even worse.


EDIT: briggs, i really have to stop reading what you write. i die every time and get the worst looks from people.

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i don't think it's wrong if a guy covers spots, there are some guys who really should.


i just don't like if they are wearing make up as in eyeliner/ eyeshadow. even worse if it's on combination with emo kinda haircuts. it must take those guys ages to get ready

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Middle school was hell.


I actually attended a school known for its cruel students, though. o_<;;


oh, that's terrible! :bigcry:

i didn't get mocked too much, i guess, but it just made me feel terrible about myself, which is half the game. and all the different medications were adventures in themselves. one made my mouth literally crack at the corner, and another made me so sensitive to cold that i couldn't even open the fridge without screaming in pain.


i know lots of guys that should cover it up. my brother has in the past, which i think is fine.

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