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Coldplaying's Favorite Artists and Bands of all time! March 30th- April 30th.


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I've been wanting to do this for a while, but i never really actually considered it until today when a noob sent me a pm asking me to make a thread with the top 5 bands of all time. So similar to the albums of the year thing and debut album thing we will do the greatest artists/ bands of all time.




1. All lists must be written by April 30th.

2. Minimum of 10 artists on your list.

3. Maximum of 25 artists (I know i should do more, but thats a lot to deal with as it is)

4. Lists may be edited after being written, but it must be complete by April 30th.

5. The band/ artist must have had at least one LP.

6. You may do a solo artist from a band that is also in your list. (ex. Thom Yorke and Radiohead are both acceptable. So are Eric Clapton and Cream)

7. NO NICKELBACK.... Just kidding. :PBut i would be upset if you did put them in your list


Any questions feel free to ask via pm or in this thread.

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1. Radiohead (who will win)

2. Muse (who will come second)

3. Coldplay

4. Blur

5. The Beatles

6. The Verve (who will be underrated again)

7. U2 (who will do very well)

8. Travis (who will do very well)

9. Feeder

10. Franz Ferdinand

11. Arctic Monkeys

12. Modest Mouse

12. Oasis

13. Pulp

14. Stone Roses

15. Stereophonics

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1. Coldplay

2. Muse

3. Radiohead

4. U2

5. The Verve

6. Kraftwerk

7. Travis

8. Nephew

9. Keane

10. Mew

11. Tool

12. REM

13. Thom Yorke

14. Andy Yorke (Thom's brother)

15. Pink Floyd

16. Teitur

17. Linkin Park

18. Oasis

19. The Beatles

20. The Police.

21. VETO

22. Audioslave

23. Saybia

24. Carpark North

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i know...

but i don't want to do much more than 25 artists..Think of how many bands we'll have as it is! and this is my first countdown... maybe if i do something else in a year i'll do more.



either way, we have a month, so if i have to change it i will

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