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Violet Hill Single - *UNOFFICIAL ARTWORK*


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So, I was bored today and I was thinking about what people have been saying about Violet Hill being download only. This might mean that when the song becomes available for download, it will not come with its own artwork, like other 'physical' singles off the album.


So I thought I would make an unofficial cover for Violet Hill as if it were a single off the new album! I hope this would be useful for those who like album art displayed with their songs on their iPod, or on their media player of choice. If Coldplay decide to add official artwork to the downloadable song, then maybe I've wasted my time :P I was bored though, and I had fun making it.


Here's the medium sized version of the cover:




Here's the 75 x 75px icon:



And click HERE for the full sized version.


Enjoy! :wink:

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oooh, i like it semy! :dance:

i love the color (well, it's violet, but a nice violet) and the splatters and everything make it really cool! i don't know how you do these things...as you well know, my photoshop abilities are limited to cropping and adding text to things :rolleyes:


now i know what will show up on my ipod every time i listen to it if they don't give us single artwork! :D

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:dance: Thanks!


I used a Wacom tablet to paint the picture, so its really just a painting in Photoshop. All I used was the brush tool :wink:


And I've updated the artwork in the first post, replacing it with slightly darker colours to balance it out a little better. Other than that its identical.


And if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could add to it (to the space in the middle maybe) then I would love to hear them :smiley: Otherwise, enjoy!


PS: Loving your new sig Chelsea! :dance:

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PS: Loving your new sig Chelsea! :dance:


unfortunately, my new sig definitely is the limit of my photoshop ability. i was trying like crazy to figure out how to make the background transparent rather than just all white or whatever, but after about 5 minutes i realized that i could just bucket-paint the background the same color as the forums background. i really can be a pinhead :dozey:


this is obviously waaaaay more than i could ever manage! though i can draw a mean yellow submarine...and the obama logo. that's it :P

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Thanks everyone :nice:


I updated the artwork for the last time (moved the text up a little, looks better that way I think), and I also added a small Violet Hill icon, if you don't want to use the larger ones :wink:


strawberry_swing, I could try to do that, but chances are they'll never see it anyway, due to the amount of messages they get there. Its a cool idea, though. And they might already have artwork for it, so its a very long shot :P

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