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Will you be downloading VH on I-Tunes?


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As you know, Coldplay are giving away their new single for a week on their site. They will then be releasing it as a single (download only) on May 6th (correct me if im wrong)


Given the chart history of Coldplay in the UK, they have been robbed of 2 #1 single's before by Darius (or whatever he is called) and the Crazy Frog :\ Allthough a lot of #1 single's are a joke, it would be great if Violet Hill became their first UK #1 :) Giving away the single a week before would decrease the chances of that happening by a lot but considering most of the people who download over the next week will be Coldplay fan's and also considering that a lot of people not just fan's get a bootleg version of a song they really like from a radio rip on limewire for example rather than wait and pay for it :P


Giving away the single for free (even if just for a week) is something very crazy for such a massive band to do and it shows they care about us (the Coldplay fans) a lot so please, lets give something back to them :D


Answer the poll :)

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