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i ve seen this one a lot of times ont MTV2 (uk), i prefer the clock video... but coldplay music videos are always great... so im waiting a dvd single with the music video on.



INFO: I will cap this one and make a VCD and SVCD with, I will open my new COLDPLAY FAN SITE too, it will available on for downloading... I just need to get a good hostname. any ideas?

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just saw it in mtv Vid premiere show.....wow!...i like it...even more than clocks!....its kinda weird though....coz the story is about some sort of business man who is on his way to some restaurant...*all black & white atmosphere*....then u see chris` face...........the other members appear too but they arent involved in the real story....suddenly sth happens to that guy in the suit...his briefcase falls on the ground and he realizes how his hands start dissapearing...... u see the whole band dressed in black playing in a white room...the story goes on till that guy goes mad and falls on the floor ......his face...hands...dissapear.... :shock: :shock:


i like it...a lot .....its not "the scientist" but its great.....& know that guy from somewhere...some british actor... :-o :shrug:



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Got to see it about 10 times today, but only realised it was Coldplay after several times... I got to see someone playing the guitar and I thought, "Damn he looks like Jonny.... FUCK that's Will!!!!! And Guy!!!" and then Chris appeared out of nowhere, I barely recognised him. They all look smashing :P the video's pretty weird but nice at the same time. Made my day!

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meh...its... :shock:




[email protected] the part..when they are all strumming and drumming at the same beat..LOL..and also when Guy and Jonny are walking past eachother, while playing their guitars...it just looked SOO funny :lol: :lol:


bahh and whats with Guy's hair?? its ok :shrug: but l miss his large doe...lol

and chris..well he looked...a bit silly..cuz the lipping..was almost as bad as Britney Spears and her lame headsets at concerts!! :roll: :lol: :lol:

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