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Violet Hill vs....?


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Apparently Violet Hill sounds a lot like a whole bunch of other songs, but I don't seem to follow a few apparent "similar" songs... my sister suggested "Strangelove" by Depeche Mode and "Take These Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister. :laugh3:


What do you guys think VH sounds like?


Personally this song reminds me a bunch of "Eternally Missed" by Muse. It's just the quarter note thing tho--and I have to admit, I think I like Eternally Missed a bit more, as much as I love Violet Hill...

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Not meaning to be picky or anything, but don't we already have a thread for this? The "Violet Hill =" one?

At any rate, I think its sounds a bit like Fallen Angel by Elbow, except more urgent.


Bah I looked over that one completely!


Well, it isn't that hard to do since every topic on the first page is about Violet Hill! :laugh3:

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