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What's Your Favourite Thread Today?


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I won't bore you with a long introduction with this one.

What is/are your favourite thread(s) today?


Go! :dance:



I actually don't have one right now... not in the Lounge anyway. This place is so different than it was a few months ago.


Actually come to think of it, my favourite thread right now is the Random Coldplay Thoughts one. Its the only place I can really talk about the band and their music without having everyone biting each other's heads off around me. So yeah thats mine :smiley:



Ok ok last spoiler I promise :P





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the random coldplay thoughts thread is my permanent favorite and has been pretty much since i joined...but today...hmm. i haven't posted a lot today, actually, so maybe it's not a good day to say. i guess perhaps "randoms" as usual, but maybe the EXTRAS one, and the one about the coldplayers meeting up at concerts, even though i'll probably be mising out on that :(

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Hm, i don't actually have a favourite thread. Nowadays all the threads are just soo different :\


Spring 2007 was fun :dance: and the first alias day was fun!

Haha okay, i'll stop talking about the "goood old times " now

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