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Sorority girls have taken over my apartment!

Matter-Eater Lad

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I'm jealous dude. I live with three guys and we're the biggest slobs on earth. I clean up about once a month but to have hot women around constantly helping out would be nice...


Just be careful cause some sorororororority girls can be a little oddball...my experience, at least.

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Often pretty they lack intelligence or intellect. They are here on daddy's money and are very up-tight and high maintenance. They are often found with there loser counter parts- Fat boys. These are the only women stupid enough to hang out with them and subsequently propel their breeding ability. Avoid these sluts at all costs. Pretty as they may be - they often have STD's from there frat boys and are dumb as rocks.



Who would want to hang around people like that???? Also there are a million spelling and grammar mistakes in the copy and paste job above


that has nothing to do with me

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i don't know what a frat boy is either :(


They get sorority girls preggo, then the vicious cycle continues! Frozen_Entertainment's kind will never be accepted into the halls of elite fratty/sororitish society! Help! I'm being repressed!

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