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Amy and Pete post YouTube video - Handling newborn mice

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Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty have caused concern among fans after filming a bizarre video of themselves playing with newborn mice.


The pair, believed to be at Doherty's Wiltshire home, put the video, called Winemouse, on YouTube on Friday.


In the two-minute clip, Winehouse says the pair have 30 one-day old mice.


One fan, called Katarinaport, wrote on YouTube: "Amy is on another planet. And this planet is called the planet of horrifying sadness."


The video shows Doherty and Winehouse bathed in blue light in a bare room, making rambling comments, picking up the mice and talking to them.


Another fan, called Aliandtulio, wrote: "You make me sad. You threw your talent away Amy. Most people would die for what you have and you ruined your chance. Sooo many people were rooting for you and look at you. So so sad."


'Car crash'


"Ahhhhh. So cute, like watching a car crash," was the response of Re1d.


Another comment, from Mintlipgloss said: "Amy you're young and SO SO talented, don't throw it all away. I hope you realise this before it's too late. I'm sending good vibes your way."


Winehouse's spokesman confirmed that the video was genuine but made no comment.


In it, Winehouse holds one of the tiny mice on her finger and uses it to send a message to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.


"This one's got a message from Blake," she says. "Blake, please don't divorce mummy. She loves you ever so. Hang on, my big brother wants to say something."


Taking another mouse from Doherty, she continues: "Yeah, if you divorce her you'll have me to deal with. I'm only a day old. I don't know what I'm doing but I know what love is."


Drug problems


Doherty and Winehouse, two of the UK's most adored musicians, have both had long-term, well-publicised drug problems.


Winehouse was recently told she would not face charges over a video that purported to show her smoking a crack cocaine pipe.


She checked into a rehabilitation clinic after the video emerged in February.


Doherty was recently released from Wormwood Scrubs jail after serving 29 days of a 14-week sentence stemming from drug and driving offences.


Another video, which showed them with the mice and cats, has now been removed. A later video shows Winehouse performing with a girl identified as her goddaughter.


The girl sings Alicia Keys' song If I Ain't Got You, with Winehouse playing guitar and singing backing vocals in front of a Union Jack flag.


Winehouse is due to play a number of festivals across Europe this summer, starting with Portugal's Rock In Rio - In Lisbon event on 30 May.



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This is messed up.

I was just watching the video and about to post a thread on this myself




What are they playing at?

She's crazy.

Definitely not doing herself any favours.


Oh, and Amy - "wash your FREAKING hands you creepy mess".



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